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Robatest (Ropadope) / Simon's  + buffers (multi test) & glass mixer containers etc - £9.90 + (P&P).

Full Product Description:


Reagent Test Kit - £9.90: RobaTest reagent (~2.5mL), Simon's Reagents (~2.5mL) + Buffers (2 x 5mL). LIQUID based tests


(provides MDMA/MDE mix test for PMA/speed etc)


We use Enhanced ultra-discreet packaging for all our deliveries


Robatest should also show the presence of Mephedrone & Methylone with MDMA/MDE if there is no MDA, Amphetamine (speed) or PMA present (2C-B & 2C-T-7 will also override indicating Mephedrone & Methylone as they will produce a stronger colour response). This sort of testing is best done with a control mix of RobaTest + Buffer alongside another RobaTest+Buffer but with the test substance added, as the end colour response will be softer than if test substance was mainly speed for example. Giving a less red result i.e. a slightly stronger pink/red than the control. 


See RobaTest Reagent set chart for more information.




The primary use of this reagent is for detecting secondary amines, such as MDMA and methamphetamine.

Use the Test Table results for full listing  located here



The primary use of this reagent is for detecting primary amines and hence has the ability to indicate if PMA is mixed with MDMA.

Use the Test Table results for full listing  located here


Or, combined easy view result table here.



Mixed with Simon's reagent and Robadope/Robatest reagent prior to testing on a per-test basis


Kit contains:

  • 2 Reagent + 2 Buffer dropper bottles

  • 2 small glass containers to correctly mix the reagents (important)

  • Instructions

Using Buffers:

Using the test tube place one drop of RobaTest reagent  and then 2 of buffer and swirl gently (to mix) and wait 30 to 60 seconds and note the colour. Once you have that baseline colour (~light pink) then add the substance to be tested. Due to the nature of Robatest you need to add a little more than for most of the other reagents (Liebermann reagent also benefits from about double the sample size) so something like 12 to 15 (salt sized grains - not sugar sized as too large). Then as this can be a slow reaction – up to about 5 mins – check for colour changes and note them down.


Simon’s reagent (one drop of Simon’s reagent  and then 2 of buffer) and swirl gently (to mix) with a substance like MDMA will give a strong royal blueish colour very quickly (using standard ~ 6 grains sample size) but Robatest is testing for the PMA element and is a lot slower reaction.


Buffer solutions are used as a means of keeping pH at a nearly constant value.


If you think your test substance is indicating the presence of Mephedrone or Methylone, doing a secondary ceramic surface test (standard reagent test e.g. as Marquis) may assist in seeing the brown ring indicated on the reagent chart


Note: use the provided test-tube. NEVER pull the Blue lid/cap/stoppers out of the test tubes or they may break. Use A slight unscrewing twisting motion whilst lifting vertically and they will come out easily if they have been fully inserted, For the below test you should only need to partly insert the lid/cap/stopper to perform the swirling action safely. When partly inserted the lids/caps/stoppers come out easily) If you do partly insert the lid/cap/stopper make sure you keep a finger over it to prevent it from falling out and spilling any liquids (see below).


Additional info when using RobaTest.

Robatest is generally a weaker and much slower reaction. You’ll want to use a larger scraping/additional number of grains than for the other reagents. If Robatest is going to react, you often will see a reaction by 5 minutes usually using about double the amount of test substance that you use for getting a good reaction with Marquis or Simon's. High purity powder & crystal work quite well with Robatest but remember if a pill is extra thick you’ll need an extra large scraping. If in doubt use up to 1/10 th of a pill as a reference.


Always use safety gloves (provided).


Please read our section on Testing on the Overview page for more info on how to test and how to not test. As well as how to obtain better/more reliable test results.


An alternative method is to scrape a tiny bit of your pill/powder (~6 salt sized grains) and then add the reagent doing this may produce a slightly different visual result, which may be advantageous


If too much substance has been added and flooding occurs, and if there is room, GENTLY tilt the test surface so that a “tear” is produced. This will disperse the reacting liquid and make it easier to see the colour produced especially on a white background. However, do not let the “tear” get contaminated with other test drops or substances on test surface.


Use the substance/colour tables to interpret your results can be found under the Test Results Tables tab.


NOTE: These Reagents cannot give an indication of Purity, or Quantity of a Substance, they can only check for the Presence of a Substance. Some colours may be masked due to other substances present hence the benefit of different test Reagents.


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