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Combined Results Table (FULL)

This is a searchable results table for all known colour responses as per 


Just use 3 characters to define colour so you get all colour responses e.g. blu for blue/bluish etc. Type "No reaction" if no reaction is seen.


You can also search by Substance to see what colour should be produced/seen. However, this combined table is best used to see what the expected colour response is for a substance. Use the 3 search Mode tables for finding the Substance which produces a particular colour.


Note:  a "no reaction" (listed in charts) is a positive response and hence can be used to assist in identification, but only if stated on chart. Blank fields are not "no reactions" they should be  considered as "untested" or "unknown", and hence provide no help in identification.


If the table fails to show, try click on refresh (F5), or Ctrl and F5


To download a spreadsheet version of the table right click on the XLS wording/icon and select

Save Linked Contents As or similar wording


This is best suited for for a large screen device that can show all columns at once. Use the individual reagent results or the 3 search mode results tables for small screen devices Marquis / Mandelin / Mecke or Liebermann / Froehde / Marquis

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