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Our aim:

This section originates from pre UK Law change. Most of the referred products cannot legally be purchased by the general public without an EPP licence now in the UK. It remains for historic reasons and for those that purchased kits before the Law change.

Our aim is provided diagnostic/forensic research kits for sale in UK only (not EU now since the law change on restricted chemicals).


We have supplied to Customs/Border control, Government agencies etc, working alongside harm reduction projects/initiatives in the effort to help save lives and prevent crime.

Note: We do not encourage the supply, manufacture or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way. We neither condone nor condemn the use of drugs just acknowledge they are a part of society as we know it. We provide these kits for forensic/diagnostic purposes ONLY.


Our aim is to provide legal test kits at the lowest price possible to encourage all those who partake in activities, which may mean exposure to certain substances, can do so as safely and as confidently as they possibly could do. When we started looking at this, we were amazed at the costs of certain tests kits and at how good, or not, they were at providing useful test results to let you make an informed decision. We feel providing this product at a very reasonable cost to you could save your life, or at least reduce the chances of a bad experience. 


We purchased some of the single reagent “kits” to see how well they performed, and how easy they were to use to get the desired result. We were disappointed. They appeared to promise something, but delivered very little. Some of which we've detailed more in the main TESTING section below.



Also, while portability of a testing kit is a nice idea, the reality is the conditions you require to get anywhere near a usable result will not exist in 90% of the locations outside your home. If they did, you might as well put up a flag to indicate what you are doing. So, the reality is they have limited use and we think they are expensive for what they do. They are more of an “in case of an emergency break glass” option.



Using a single test reagent to establish a substance is virtually impossible and, at the very least, inconclusive these days. Some of the better providers in America, or Canada, promote the use of at least 3 different reagents as a minimum, but provide the reagents individually as well. We consider that, particularly for some substances and for more reliable testing, you benefit from at least 4 reagents, possibly 5 or 6 due to the cross-over nature of some of the results (mentioned earlier).


Therefore, we provide a minimum of 4 test reagents in each kit (hence our name), whilst offering 5 & 6 test reagent kits if required, but at at low cost. Basically we offer the 6 reagent kit at only a little bit more than the 4 reagent kits, as we want to encourage people to test and the more reagents you test with the better.

To download a spreadsheet version of ALL THE REAGENT TABLES right click on the XLS wording (Combined Reagent Tables) below the icon and select Save Linked Contents As or just select the icon with a single click or double click depending on Browser being used.

Combined Reagent Table

Latest documentation/Safety Information:

v4.xx documents refer to Test Kits 1 to 4.

v5.xx documents refer to Test Kit 5 only (RobaTest)

v6.xx documents refer to Test Kits 6 only (Cocaine)

v7.xx documents refer to Test Kit 7 only (BenzoTest)

Download v-docs (overview)
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