We are temporarily using a 2 stage payment process (invoice and a card payment service). Only continue here if you are happy with this. Otherwise email us for other options. (Bank Transfer is available on request GBP (£) or Euro (€)).

Firstly you generate the invoice which is immediately emailed to you and us. Once we receive this we will send you a card payment link (within 2 hours in business hours) via our SafeTest4@gmail.com email address. Once paid the order will be processed.

We have taken this approach as PayPal considers our products promote drug use rather than harm reduction hence we cannot use their services. Other providers have the same restrictions.

Note: There is no special/additional charges for dispatching quickly as we process/dispatch once we have received the Payment, either same day or next working day depending on time.

Other reagent suppliers charge something in the region of £8 for a some single reagents or virtually £30 for 6 reagents; which we think is way too expensive and does not promote Harm Reduction. We hope you agree.