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EZ-Test equivalent reagents

EZ-Test supply a number of specific kits e.g. Ketamine, which are identical in chemical composition to standard reagents i.e. Mandelin reagent.

This EZ-Test naming of a kit to a specific Substance to be identified, can appear to indicate that that test can only test that substance. This is not the case. Most of the key reagents can test for over 100 substances e.g. EZ-Test Ketamine (Mandelin Reagent) can test for MDMA, PMA , PMMA Speed (amphetamine) etc.

This form of specific kit naming tends to be when you want to "prove/identify" a desired substance rather than detect any adulterants. Basically to test for adulterants you need to move from single testing, to multiple reagent testing


You cannot identify, with any certainty, a substance by undertaking a single reagent test. You need 3, or more, positive colour responses (Note:  a no reaction (listed in charts) is a positive response) to confirm the presence of a substance. This is because not all reagents produce colour responses/reactions. Ideally you need a minimum of 4 reagents to obtain a substance identification as only 3 reagents may give you a positive result. Pills generally require more reagent tests then powder/crystals, as they generally contain several substances.


In order to help you understand what is the equivalent Reagent we have produced the following information.

The table below shows the EZ-Test name on the left.

On the right the first reagent listed (all in UPPERCASE) is the equivalent standard reagent

The reagents names after the first equivalent reagent and in lower case are the other reagents that produce a colour response and hence are also suitable.

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